Everyday you're checking it off to make sure you get it done so that your marketing will be consistent. Now let's talk about tracking and reporting. You know the purpose of marketing campaigns is to help you get the most out of your marketing right. Tracking and evaluating or reporting helps you how to improve handwriting determine how effective your marketing campaigns are. I'll even go to say that this is the key to effectiveness in marketing. The example I always use is you throw spaghetti against the wall. Right. That's what marketing primarily is you're just throwing spaghetti everywhere to see what sticks. But once it sticks What do you do. OK well I'm going to throw spaghetti right at that point because I know it'll continually stick. Now I might throw a couple of strands on other walls just to see if there's anything else that sticks. But once I know exactly where it's decs I'm going to hit it over and over and a lot versus what a lot of us are doing as we throw spaghetti against the wall see what sticks. OK it all comes down and we throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks it all comes down and we continue to throw spaghetti and while wasting our marketing time effort resources and money on things that are useless tracking and reporting helps you to focus on what is the most effective part of your marketing.



It's the difference from it from spending a thousand dollars and making $5000 and spending a thousand dollars and making 10 20 30 40 50 thousand dollars which one would you rather have if you track your financial and your investment financial investments right now time and plan those going to things the way you track your marketing. Where would you be financially. When you track you've got to be accurate. You know this I think I sense I have a gut feeling this is what the customers need or this is where they're coming from or probably this or I got some information not a lot. That's just not good enough. If you want to make an impact in your marketing it's got to be accurate. Now it's about tracking continue tracking reporting the second key. The second purpose of tracking reporting is that it how to improve handwriting allows you to find the sources that you can supercharge or scale. What I mean. In other words Where's the business originating from the 80:20 rule that you look for the 20 percent of your marketing that's bringing 80 percent of the results once you find that. But of course tracking or reporting will help you to find the way you dump your losers and scale up your winners. And then you put 80 percent of your entire marketing budget in even your time your effort in the top 20 percent of your marketing that will also supercharge your marketing in the next 30 days. And you supercharges certain things like if you find out the referral sources of the sources are from a person well then you were warned them to supercharge and motivate them to refer a more if it's from the web. OK web advertising is working. Let's put more money into it to get more advertising.



If it's from an e-mail find out which one of the e-mails that you sent that worked really well and use that went over and over again and find out why.If it's from an email find out which one of the e-mails that you sent got worked really well and use that one over and over again and find out why now is talk about volume and consistency. I know I mentioned this before but as I as I sort of speak from my soapbox we have to work on your marketing or you have to work on your marketing. Every single day I mean Monday to Friday but even Saturday and Sunday if you can. I was mean if it's time your family don't worry about it. Focus. You've got to be every single day. We've got to how to improve handwriting set activities for ourselves daily weekly and monthly and even setting up what's called a model marketing week and sticking to it. If you're marketing you to some of your marketing in the morning that every single day in the morning going to be doing that marketing knows you build a routine to continuously make sure that the marketing is getting done. The biggest challenge of course is when you actually have clients and you have the service of clients but we also have the market that's usually the inconsistency that sort of dries up the fountain of customers that come into your organization.


But we have to create it also to automate it somehow so that while you're taking care of your customers and providing outstanding customer satisfaction that your marketing is getting done without you so automating our marketing so that when you're working on servicing customers your marketing is still working for you. Deligated outsource it again. Use technology. Establish systems automate your tracking and your evaluations to so that it can be done without the number 7. Get help. Multiply your marketing efforts by getting others to do the marketing for you. Of course my favorite sort of assistance in my marketing are my customers. They are your greatest and largest marketing team. Why. Because one they are convinced that you're able to produce miracles because you continuously meet their needs and only that their wants and their desires and provide them worldclass customer satisfaction. They end up being your greatest and largest marketing team. Well how about your fans your try. Let's say they didn't buy the big things they bought some things that they just know you from your newsletter. That's another great source to get the word out. I bet your vendors they like you. They sell services to you. They want to continue to promote you. They've got resources.



They've got databases that they can provoke you as well. Get your vendors to promote you your strategic partners get your partners promoting you to their circles your centers of influence or coins get centers of influence promoting you to their groups and other centers of influence networks. I mean centers of influence are connected to a large group of your target market. Make sure you talk to them about talking to their large group about the public. Creating a buzz around your product and service by adding some type of popular dramatic or interesting elements some people do contests some people do to do a publicity stunt. I mean whatever it takes I mean it is the hardest but if you how to improve handwriting can do it then do it. What else can you go to get help. One thing though if you do get help get your best people in your people that are passionate about marketing to implement your marketing efforts and others. If you're going to use an employee in your office because you want to you know cross train him if he's going to do marketing only get the person with the most passion experience heart for marketing not just you know Joe Schmo who who loves what he does but he's terrible at the market. He's going to do it because it's part of his job description now. Find the person with the biggest heart for it bring in somebody new.



An intern is the perfect person. Why. Because they're free because they're not because you're compensating them by your training but they are in the process right now becoming experts at their skills so you get a chance to work with them and get a chance to practice on you. Their marketing passion their marketing how to improve handwriting  skills expertise. It's the perfect person to go to. And again if you've got to look for an employee make sure he's got the talent he or she has the talent passion and skill to produce results. Last where else to get help. Outsource your marketing to professionals and experts and I mentioned this before and I'm going to mention it again because it's worth mentioning they are your key to success in marketing and don't just outsource to them for them to teach you how to do it.


No you don't want to learn how to do it and you understand it. You don't want to learn how to do it you don't have the time or the effort of the resource you need to focus your time on more important things like leading your organization. But now you get them to do it for you or to set up the systems that do it for you. They will help you greatly leverage your time effort resources and money and they if you do choose how to improve handwriting them the only sort of criteria I would say they need to have a track record of building their own business by marketing what they've done. In other words that they have I don't know a resume it's better if they've had their own business and labor it to build their business through the marketing that they've done and how they can help you with it. If they're just consulting they're giving you advice that's great but at least I want to see a bunch of people who they really have dramatic results from that marketing advice that they gave. OK nicely dramatic because the ones that I trust are the ones who've actually been in the trenches have done it themselves.

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